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Kamppi terminal, Helsinki, Finland

Kamppi terminal, owned by a Limited company, is located in the central area of Helsinki, Finland, which has 1.3 million citizens. Bus, metro, tram and local railway cross the area. Regarding soft modes of transport, walking has two different roles: access to the terminal and transfer walk between the Kamppi terminal and the main railway station and other city bus terminals.

Kamppi is the terminal for Western buses with capacity 1000 buses a day, and with a metro station underneath. The terminal is part of the city interchange area and has direct access to the main railway station, the city hub for all local railway lines, trams, city buses and two smaller bus terminals, terminals for Northern and Eastern buses. It is situated in the basement of the newest shopping centre in the inner city of Helsinki.

The terminal is situated in the basement of one of the largest shopping centres in Finland with nearly two hundred shops and business enterprises, offices but also housing. It has a special design, safe and user friendly atmosphere.

Integrated information comprising the whole city interchange area is available. The route planning system as well general public transport information has been integrated and covers the whole area of Helsinki MA. Nearly all municipalities in the Helsinki MA have joined the integrated public transport ticket system using a smart card. Mobile tickets are also available.

Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) is responsible for the planning and organisation of public transport services in Helsinki Metropolitan Area in Finland. Its role is to plan and implement the transport strategy and to manage transport services in Helsinki MA. Helsinki City Transport (HKL) is responsible for running the trams and the metro in Helsinki as well as the construction and maintenance of track, stations and depots. The Kamppi property is managed by the property management group of EFM Finland Ltd (European Fund Management Finland)., while the Kamppi shopping centre is managed by Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers Europe LLP, Finnish branch.