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Prague terminus Dejvicka, Prague, Czech Republic

The Dejvicka terminal is the main interchange point for travelers coming from/to the Prague airport, owned by the Prague municipality and operated by the Prague Transit Inc. (DPP). The population is approximately 0.15 million citizens. The transportation modes involved in the terminal are metro/underground, interurban and urban buses, airport bus, tram/light rail, taxi, Kiss and ride, walking and cycling. Cycles are allowed in the underground and trams, but not in buses.

Dejvicka terminal station opened in 1978 with metro, but the initial concept and the relevant provision of services to passengers has been changed over the last years, in order to cover the increased transport demands. Between years 1990-2000, line leadership was changed and a lot of new lines were added. Though, changes have not been made on the surface at traffic infrastructure, resulting to a terminal full of buses.

The urban public transport system in Prague has developed a new information system for trams, and a real-time application for buses, metro and light rail is also planned. The system will be accessible through internet and mobile applications. The several regional and long-distance bus companies do not have their own information systems; however, the regional public transport coordinator manages the web-based systems, which have already been tested in the other side of Prague and are planned to be integrated in the whole Prague region. Towards this direction, it will be of high interest to test new interactive timetables and ICT tools in the Dejvicka terminal.

In addition, the local city municipality plans to reduce the specific terminal on surface and move it to another location, developing in this location new commercial buildings. However, this plan has flaws and is not acceptable by traffic engineers.

Although, in the underpass between underground and bus/tram, shops with food, ticket machines, bookstore and tobacco, are cited, it seems that they are not considered as attractive. The specific shops are owned by local public transport authorities.