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Vaterland bus station, Oslo, Norway

The Vaterland station, owned by the county of Akensus (78.5%) and Oslo municipality (21.5%), is the main bust station in Oslo, Norway. It is located next to the central rail station, while the metro station is accessed by five minute walking. The station serves local buses as well as domestic and international coaches; more than 500 towns across Europe. The station was planned for 450 daily departures, but currently they have 1100 departures, of which the 60% regards local buses and the 30% coaches.

An interesting aspect of this case study is the cooperation between different stakeholders in a very fragmented supply side of public transport services. Due to capacity limitations and the general upgrade of the area containing the bus station and main rail station, the development of a new bus terminal in close vicinity to the existing one is aimed. An alternative is to build the new terminal on top of the railway tracks of the main rail station.

Recently, there have been reconstructions, which aimed at increasing the capacity, as well as improving signing by making it consistent with that of other public transport stations.

In Oslo, the public transport system has a joint information system, both planned and real-time information, for buses, metro, light rail and trains, which is accessible through the internet or from cell phone applications. The different regional and long-distance bus companies have their own web-based information and systems for buying tickets and reserving seats. In the Vaterland bus station, the urban, regional and long-distance bus departures are presented through the same information systems (planned departure times).

In addition, the specific station is included in a coordinated land-use plan for the main passenger terminal in Oslo. The plan includes a coordinated plan land use and accessibility between the bus terminal/bus services and, the city center, intercity and long-distance trains and bus services, airport rail shuttle (high speed train) and bus shuttle to the Oslo airport, city travel services as bus, metro and tram.

Regarding the management of the station, there is a distinction between the terminal owner Vaterland bus terminal and the terminal operator “Akershus kollektivterminaler”, which is also owned by Akershus county. At the time of construction, the associated shopping areas were “the longest indoor shopping street in Europe”; however, competition from other shopping centres outperformed these shopping areas, and today, these areas as not considered to be attractive.