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Utrecht Central, Utrecht, The Netherlands

The Utrecht Central interchange, owned by ProRail, NS, is the central railway station of the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. The station is centrally located in the country, being the largest station regarding passenger volume and being considered as the most important railway hub of the Netherlands. More than 900 trains depart from the station per day and 150.000 passengers are daily connected to nearby areas or cities, other Randstad cities or international destinations. In the coming 20 years, the number of passengers is expected to double reaching 100 million passengers annually.

The central station facilitates train, bus and tram transportation, and is connected to private, public and soft modes of transportation, such as cars, taxis and bikes. Cycling, as in all stations in the Netherlands is also very integrated.

Utrecht central is the redevelopment of the station area with the construction of a new public transport terminal, aiming at the creation of an efficient interchange for all terminal users. In the current phase of the redevelopment the main aim is to reduce the hinder as much as possible. The provision of integrated information to travelers is, also, considered as an important element within the public transport terminal project, as well as the multifunctional use of land.

The Bestuur Regio Utrecht (BRU) is responsible for public bus and tram transport in the region of Utrecht. However, several stakeholders are involved in the specific hub, and the management of infrastructure, operations, route information and retailing are some of the services that should be integrated.